I also provide transcription (audio-typing) services. I will transcribe your audio file to the level of detail you need, from recording every single word and pause to simply capturing the main ideas – whichever is appropriate for your project. You can also choose what format you would like me to present your transcription in; I will provide options for you or you can specify the exact format you need.

I can transcribe interviews with just one person, or group discussions.

I have provided transcription services for research students as well as for financial services organisations, customs offices and surveyors.

If you would like a quote for transcription work, please contact me with details about your individual project.

Contact me
If you have any questions or would like me to provide a quote, please send an email to
I respect the privacy of your work, and I will keep it confidential and secure on a private computer. I will not share your information with anybody else without your permission.
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