Why have your work professionally copy-edited and proofread?

Whether you’re a student with a thesis to submit, a charity launching a new campaign to increase donations or a company publishing a new website, getting your work edited and proofread helps you avoid mistakes (which might be expensive!), express yourself clearly and create a professional image.

Save money

  • Picking up on spelling errors and typos the first time means you can avoid expensive reprints.
  • Making sure the language is clear reduces enquiries and misunderstandings.

Build your reputation and brand identity

  • Taking the time to create well-written text demonstrates that you care about quality, which increases confidence in your products or services.
  • Keeping to a house style can help strengthen your brand and distinguish you from competitors.

Avoid misunderstandings – keep it clear

  • Expressing your ideas clearly and consistently strengthens your message or argument and reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings.

Make non-native English read like native English

  • If you’re getting text translated into English from another language (for example, for a website aimed at English-speaking tourists), or if English is not your first language, having the text edited and proofread can pick up on any errors and help make sure it sounds like native English.

Make your academic documents shine!

  • Getting your thesis or dissertation proofread helps you improve the presentation of your work.
  • I can pick up on spelling and grammar mistakes that could cost you valuable marks.
  • I can help you polish your academic work, pointing out areas where the language isn’t clear and assisting with reference formatting too.
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'Laura’s proofing abilities and her advice in relation to our Radio 4 Appeal script were an amazing help!' - Lorna Young Foundation
'I couldn’t have imagined a better proofreading service. Everything was perfect, from the quality of the work to the speed of the responses.' – Laurence, Museum Studies
'Laura provided a very timely and very meticulous proofreading for my academic paper. She was particularly good at revising at the clause level and spotting any flaw in logical argumentation of the paper, as well as correcting any inconsistency in grammar, spelling, etc. Her work helped to make the paper ‘shine’! I recommend her to anyone who may need a proofreading service without any reservation!' – Meg