Whether you have a thesis to submit, a marketing campaign to launch or a website to publish, getting your work edited and proofread helps you express yourself clearly, build trust and create a professional image.

Save money

  • Picking up on spelling errors and typos the first time means you can avoid expensive reprints.
  • Making sure the language is clear reduces enquiries and misunderstandings.

Build your reputation and brand identity

  • Taking the time to create well-written text demonstrates that you care about quality, which builds confidence in your products or services.
  • Keeping to a house style can help strengthen your brand and distinguish you from competitors.

Avoid misunderstandings 

  • Expressing your ideas clearly and consistently strengthens your message or argument. This reduces the likelihood of misunderstandings.
  • If you’re getting text translated into English or if English isn’t your first language, an edit will help you avoid ambiguity and make your text sound natural.

Present your research well

  • Getting your article proofread makes your research stand out.
  • It makes your argument clearer and increases the credibility of your work.
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‘Laura’s proofing abilities and her advice in relation to our Radio 4 Appeal script were an amazing help!’ – Lorna Young Foundation

'I couldn’t have imagined a better proofreading service. Everything was perfect, from the quality of the work to the speed of the responses.' – Laurence, Museum Studies
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