Here’s what my clients say about working with me.

‘At Door 22 we’ve been working with Laura for a number of years now. Our clients really appreciate an external expert looking over messaging not only for plain English and accessibility but also to make sure the copy is on brand and follows brand styling and tone of voice. We build in Laura’s expertise as part of the project team wherever we can, as it adds enormous value. She goes beyond the brief when needed and has such a passion for her craft. She cares deeply about the client and the audience they are communicating to. Our clients regularly comment on how impressed they are with Laura’s work and feel reassured that the copy is the best it can possibly be. I would recommend Laura every day of the week, she’s a joy to work with.’
Emma Nicol, Creative Director | Founder, Door 22 Creative

‘A phenomenal copy-editor and proofreader, Laura has been invaluable to every project she’s worked on. She combines a holistic, big-picture approach with an unerring eye for detail, always producing methodical and thoughtful work. She is at once friendly and professional, and is unerringly timely. For everything that needs an editor’s eye, Laura is my first port of call.’
Filip Hartelius, Senior Games Developer, Osprey Games

‘I used Laura’s services for the purposes of editing my doctoral thesis in preparation for the submission of my PhD. She was extremely professional in her approach and was very clear about the type of support she could provide. Her editing work was comprehensive and detailed and the thesis was greatly improved in terms of its presentation. Given that the final submission of a research thesis can be very stressful, Laura adopted a calm as well as challenging style, which helped me to work to the required submission deadline. I would highly recommend Laura to other students undertaking academic/research activity.’
Linda, PhD student

‘The reports are great – you really add clarity to what we are trying to say and I appreciate your input – my reports are always better after you have looked at them!’
Amy Shephard, Director, Shephard & Moyes

‘Laura was the copy editor for Scotland’s State of the Environment report, 2014. The report summarises the condition of Scotland’s environment and the challenges it faces, and was written by over thirty authors from thirteen different organisations. Copy-editing the 85,000 words produced was obviously a challenge and Laura’s input was indispensable. Laura worked with us to refine the text, not only ensuring consistency but also improving the language and challenging us to tell a clear story to our audience. She was efficient, met punishing deadlines and quickly grasped the ethos of what we were trying to achieve, then helped ensure we lived up to it. Her constructive criticism and the clarity of her language significantly improved the final report.’
– Nathan Critchlow-Watton, Chair of the SoE Editorial Group, SEPA

‘We were going round in circles with our website text and needed a breakthrough. Laura got to grips with everything really quickly and did a super-fantastic job consistent with the “business text – plain English” brief. She’s professional, easy to work with and really great at her job. What is there not to love? Marks out of 10? 20!’
Peter Matthews, Founder & CEO, Metro Communications

‘Thank you so much for being so thorough and doing such a professional job. I really enjoyed working with you.’
Gill, PhD student

‘In my experience, Laura Ripper’s proofreading is excellent. She is highly skilled in her work and provides a tailored service. She not only corrects inconsistencies with sensitivity to the text but she seeks to find the voice of the author in order to really understand the script. Her proof suggestions are wise as well as detailed, increasing the impact of the writing, and giving me new confidence in my work. Highly recommended.’
Alison, author

‘I have gone through all the corrections and everything was clear. I really enjoyed learning from your comments! It is clear from your comments how much effort you put into it. It is really nice to see a polished version of my thesis. It was a great pleasure to work with you!’
Dina Miqdadi, PhD student, City University London

‘Thank you so much for your help with the thesis. It has been invaluable. I feel so much more confident now handing it in. It’s been great that you have questioned me so that I have had to re-think some things again and write them in a clearer way.  I will definitely recommend your services to anyone in need.’
Mari, PhD student, Psychology

‘Laura’s proofing abilities and her advice in relation to our Radio 4 Appeal script were an amazing help. Most charities cannot employ people with the necessary skills to produce the range and quality of material which is expected by donors, stakeholders and the media. Laura has a real ‘ear’ for how work should be presented, performed and produced and in an age where well-spoken and well-written English is becoming a rarity, it is very heartening to have the backing of a professional like Laura Ripper. We would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needs some top-class editing or proofing carrying out.’
Chris Longden, Director, Lorna Young Foundation

‘I couldn’t have imagined a better proofreading service. Everything was perfect, from the quality of the work to the speed of the responses. Thank you Laura!’
Laure, Museum Studies

‘I asked Laura to copy-edit a networking guide that I had written for managers and employees in the charity sector. Laura was extremely easy to work with and “delivered the goods”. She quickly had an understanding of what I wanted, yet by giving me advice about what could work better she turned my words from ordinary to high-impact and engaging. She takes her writing very seriously and her words are superb. Her business experience and copywriting skills have transformed my unfortunate writing to a compelling script. If you are looking for an efficient and reliable resource to work with, I am extremely confident to recommend Laura.’
Andy Stewart, SCVO

‘It is so useful to have a fresh perspective on something that I have been staring at for years! It has been a helpful and reassuring experience, and I am sure that I will be requiring your services again soon.’
Vanessa Holbrook, City University London

‘Laura provided a very timely and very meticulous proofreading for my academic paper. She was particularly good at revising at the clause level and spotting any flaw in logical argumentation of the paper, as well as correcting any inconsistency in grammar, spelling, etc. Her work helped to make the paper ‘shine’! I recommend her to anyone who may need a proofreading service without any reservation!’

‘Working with Laura was a really good experience, she is very patient, and good at what she does. Coming from America and writing my first paper using UK style was very intimidating for me and I felt very insecure about my writing because I felt like it would not stand up to the UK standards. I contacted Laura for her to proofread my paper and she corrected all my grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes using a handy tracking system on Microsoft Word. If something didn’t make sense she made a note for me to see. Laura genuinely took the time to thoroughly read through my paper and really helped me achieve what I felt was an outstanding first paper that I had written for MMU.’
Nancy Cordova, Manchester Metropolitan University

Many thanks to my clients for allowing me to publish their comments.

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