I offer proofreading, copy-editing and plain-language editing services.

I’m happy to work on electronic or hard copy, marking up your work in tracked changes or by hand. I take on jobs of all sizes, and you can be confident that I’ll return your work to you on time.

Each piece of work is different, and I’ll provide a service that matches your individual requirements.


Proofreading involves checking through your text – usually at the design stage – to pick up on any final typos, inconsistencies, layout issues and spelling or grammar mistakes before you publish your document. This service is useful when you have already had your document copy-edited, or when you have translated a document from another language.

I also offer a proofreading service designed especially for students. I specialise in non-native English and have worked with students from countries such as Chile, China, Luxembourg, Nigeria, Oman and Saudi Arabia. For details, please click here or visit my student proofreading page on Facebook.


I offer light copy-editing services, checking your grammar, spelling, punctuation, formatting, word use, tables and figures, heading structure, references and style throughout your document. I will ensure that these elements are consistent throughout your document (or set of documents) and add suggestions and comments using tracked changes in Microsoft Word.

I have also worked with translation companies in China, Lithuania and Turkey, editing English written by speakers of other languages to read like native English.

Plain-English editing

This is a specialist edit, based on the principles of plain language. It helps you convey information clearly to your readers – for example, to make sure they give you the information you want on a form, that they understand the terms of an agreement they are entering or what will happen in a medical procedure, or even what to put in their recycling bins. Examples include application forms (and their accompanying guidelines), information leaflets, instruction manuals, policies, contracts, product descriptions, service standards, consultation documents, and terms and conditions.

My edit will make the text as clear, direct and readable as possible so that your readers can understand the information easily. I’ll also make suggestions for how you can make further improvements.

For more information about what each service involves, or if you’re not sure which service you need, please contact me.

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